Scotland's brilliant Electric Bass Guitar & Double Bass musicians, highly experienced music teacher - AL James.


"I have benefited from a variety of treatments at Shivago where the experienced staff have work out my knots. I always leave feeling completely relaxed."



Well known Scottish bagpiper 

Winner of North America Championships with Peel Police

Founder of Celtic Rock Band - Aceltica

Founder of Scotia Pipers - which was nominated for a VOWS AWARD in the 'Music and Entertainment Agency' section of the wedding industry awards

"Being a professional bagpiper, and constantly using the same muscles for long period and being restricted with uniform, my body becomes tight, particularly around the back area. Shivago have been brilliant relieving this tension with cupping and massage. Highly recommended for all musicians."


Martin Belk BA, Msc

Writer-in-Residence Polmont Young Offender’s Prison

Lecturer at large, University of West Scotland, City of Glasgow College; Pender College

Co-founder Centre Culturel Eccosais Paris


"I've had Thai treatments for years ... and also did foundational Thai massage myself. These people are one of the few I'd whole heartly recommend...The setup here is informed by a legitimate lineage and tradition, and the practices authentic.
I require very intense treatments or it not worth the time - and Kei knows what he's doing. That said, they can also be as gentle as a butterfly for new beginners. There's a lovely spiritual social atmosphere to the place as well."



Louise Scott

Louise Scott - Endurance expeditioner, business woman and motivational speaker.

Director at Tidalfire

Winner of the Enterprising New Business Award sponsored by East of Scotland Businesswoman's Club. Read Interview

Panellist in STV's 'The Greatest Scot'.

When not running the business, Louise likes to test her mettle by undertaking Arctic expeditions. In 2005 she became the first Scottish woman, in 40 years, to ski across the Greenland ice cap - sled-hauling all provisions across 535 km in 23 days...

" In important element of my preparation has been to counter-balance my training with regular massage, cupping and hot compress treatments. Without the healing hands of practitioners at Shivago Thai Clinic I am sure would not be able to maintain the level of exercise that I do whilst remaining strong and injury-free.
As one of Kei’s regular clients he always knows the ‘right’ treatment to administer and is generous with his advice."



Aakash Odedra

British South Asian Dancer: Askash Odedra
"Thanks for increasing the flow and giving me positive energy."Askash Odedra 



Keith Farnan

Irish Comedian - Keith Farnan

"Thanks for taking some of the tension out of my day."



Jetty Black Pearl

Musician - Jetty Black Pearl

"My accordion will feel like a feather after having been here...***MAGIC*** "



Luis Pearl

World Famous Amazing Bubble Man - Luis Pearl
"Thanks! My back pain is gone like a bubble."Luis Pearl



Hiroshi Shimizu

International Japanese Comedian that has decorated by the Japan government with the prestigious title of "Heaven Artist" - Hiroshi Shimizu

  • "I'm supported by Shivago Thai Clinic!! They help me a lot. So I can always do my best in my show! Thank you! I will come back here Next Year!!"



Shona Reppe

  • Award-winning Artist - Shona Reppe 
  • "There is a little piece of heaven on Blackfriars Street! Totally recommended, amazingly sorted out my knots!Thank you so much!"



Katarina Morhacova

  • Internationally Recognized Award-winning Actress - Katarina Morhacova
  • "I'm really lucky to have croosed the paths with you. You showed me what massage really means and helped me tremendously to get thru a very physical performance at Fringe, Thank you and I do hope to cross paths with you again."




Gaetano Sciortino

  • International Italian Actor - Gaetano Scortino
  • "I had my best treatment ever here at Shivago!"




Kirsty MacMillian

  • Scottish Vocalist & Electric Violinist - Kirsty MacMillian
  • ''I came to the Shivago Thai Clinic with a very bad shoulder in which the muscle was badly inflamed, and I wasn’t able to play my violin. In a very short period of time, due to the Thai cupping therapy it was completely repaired and I was able to resume my playing. I was very surprised by the speed of my recovery. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone with an injury.''




George Wang

  • Taiwan Born USA Award Winning tattoo artist - George Wang from the Waukesha Tattoo Company wrote a positive review after he received the Traditional Thai Treatment at the Shivago Thai Clinic
  • "......I can't thank them enough for the most relaxing part of this trip and I truly and desperately needed it. I think they have a great place with great energy......" Read More



Zurab Azmaiparashvili




Gazzy Parman

Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu World Champion - Gazzy Parman
  • The black belt Jiu-Jitsu World Champion - Gazzy Parman was impressed at the immediate result of the traditional Thai therapy
  • "Very effective treatment, thank you!"

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